French Films

Films made in France during The North Carolina State University Paris-Lille Study Abroad programs from 2004-2011, plus a 1983 film (Killer) shot during the UNC Study Abroad program in Montpelier, France.

Red, Rouge / Blue, Bleu

A walk down the Eiffel Tower. In 3-D. An excerpt from “Red, Rouge / Blue, Bleu.” An unfilm.

Study Abroad- Erin O’Kelly (Miss North Carolina 2007) on France

Erin O’Kelly, Miss North Carolina 2007, talks with Dr. Diane Beckman about her study abroad experience during the NC State University Paris-Lille France summer program.


“Killer” was a game played in 1982 France where students assassinated each other with dart guns. A love story. Shot in Montpellier and Southern France in 1982-83 with UNC study-abroad students. Shot in super-8. This version is from the VHS copy. The original film has grown mold.

13 Blackbirds

Based on the Wallace Stevens poem “13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”. The blackbird is replaced by a cup of expresso drunk at 13 different cafés in Lille France. Filmed in Paris and Lille France, with students in the N.C. State University- Université Catholique de Lille study-abroad program in 2004.

Le Doppelganger

Everyone has a double, and in particular everyone has a French double– or so says Tew– a student in the N.C. State University-Université Catholique de Lille study-abroad program. Who is your French double? Shot in Paris and Lille France in 2005

I am the King of France

Who is the King of France? Who are you? –a game played in Paris and Lille France; and Brussels, Belgium. Filmed in 2006 with students of the N.C. State University Study abroad program.


Stories should all have beginnings, middles, and ends. Shouldn’t they? Shot in Paris and Lille France in 2007.

Pain (Bread)

We taste test French prize-winning baguettes in Paris and Lille, watch bread being baked, and ask the French why bread is important to them. Shot in Paris and Lille France in 2007.


The ten steps for tasting wine and life. Shot in Paris and Lille France in 2008.

Beaux Gestes

Lessons in French body language with examples from Shakespeare, and a final exam. Filmed in Paris, Lille France and Brussels, Belgium in 2010.